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My Story – Why I Left the Law

One of the main purposes of using stories in business is to introduce ourselves. This is an example of how we can choose a story that positions us the way we want to be perceived by our audience.

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Customer Focused

Nearly every company in the world lists "customer focused" as one of its core values. Yet as customers we all know that few companies really focus on us. Instead of including this bullet point in a company brochure, tell a story that illustrates how you focus on your customers.

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This endearing example demonstrates how a story can elicit a response far more effectively than a list of bullet points.

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Please Don't Litter

Ordinary messages don't get noticed. Use vivid imagery, humor, and the unusual to get your message across.

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The Royal Wedding

Many people feel that their own stories aren't interesting enough to share. But people are interested in people, so tell a story that involves you.

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Why Don't We Use Stories in Business

Most people in business are reluctant to use stories. But their reasons don't hold water, as Warren Buffett will tell you.

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The Silent Objection

Sales people are trained to overcome any objection their prospect may articulate. But unless they can overcome the Silent Objection, they will never have the chance to confront the ones that are raised.

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Facts vs. Story

A newspaper account has just the facts. A personal story connects emotionally.

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Leader as Storyteller

Part of a talk on how leaders can use stories to be more persuasive. While data is the vocabulary of business, stories are the language of life. By harnessing the power of stories, leaders can better communicate their vision, transmit values, teach, inspire, persuade, and move people to action.

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Upcoming public workshops

Influence and Persuasion Power Tools™
(One day)

In today's business environment of self-leading teams, flatter organizational hierarchies, and widely distributed expertise, having formal authority is becoming less important. Being able to influence and persuade others is paramount.

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Effective Strategies For Handling Difficult People and Situations
(Two days)

Difficult people and situations are inevitable parts of our personal and professional lives. More often than not, it is not the subject matter that makes these situations difficult but the personalities, motives, and underlying feelings of the people involved. It is critical to the success of you and your organization to learn how to deal with these difficult people and situations.

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Selling With Stories™
(One day)

Telling stories is more than just a folksy way to relate to others. It is a powerful and persuasive vehicle that top sales leaders use to get their message across with maximum impact and minimum resistance. Logic, reason, and data lead to conclusions; stories tap emotions and lead to action. Stories move people.

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