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Influence and Persuasion Power Tools™
(One day)

In today's business environment of self-leading teams, flatter organizational hierarchies, and widely distributed expertise, having formal authority is becoming less important. Being able to influence and persuade others is paramount.

In this intensive workshop participants will learn how to persuade people at work and in their personal lives. They will learn how to project a powerful first impression that will impress from the get-go. They will learn to distinguish different types of influence and how to maximize their own influence with different personality styles. Participants will also learn a variety of powerful techniques to persuade others in written proposals, formal presentations, and face-to-face conversations. Finally, they will learn how to use critical thinking to protect themselves from undue influence by others.

Who should attend

Managers, supervisors, department heads, sales professionals, business development managers, team leaders, lawyers, professional speakers and trainers, public relations and corporate communications officers, government officials, educators, consultants, entrepreneurs, and anyone who wishes to be more persuasive.


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