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Selling with Stories

Telling stories is more than a folksy way to relate to others. It is a powerful and persuasive vehicle that top leaders use to get their message across with maximum impact and minimum resistance. Sales professionals especially need stories that can build credibility and trust, introduce their company and product, and create a picture of how their solution can change their prospect's life. David teaches the many purposes stories serve, as well as how to craft powerful and persuasive stories and master high impact delivery techniques for telling stories that move people.

The Leader as Storyteller

Leaders must master all of the same story templates that sales professionals use, plus one more: the vision story. This is the most critical story leaders tell, and they must tell it with clarity and conviction. "Where there is no vision, the people perish."

Magic Keys of Persuasion

Influence and persuasion are the keys to success in sales, business, and life. David can teach your audience a wide range of influence and persuasion techniques and demonstrate how to apply them.

Presentation Myths

Are your business presentations persuasive? Do your listeners remember and act on your message? If not, perhaps you are following conventional wisdom. The problem with conventional wisdom is it's often irrelevant, out of date, or just plain wrong. Following conventional wisdom, most presenters try to look, sound, and present like other good presenters. They strive to be plain vanilla. Vanilla is popular. Vanilla is safe. But it isn't memorable. If your message isn't memorable and persuasive, your presentation has failed. 

Negotiating for the Win-Win

We all negotiate every day, whether we realize it or not. Yet few people are ever taught how to negotiate. Those who do get formal training in negotiation are often taught the "old school," win-lose approach. Most negotiations will never result in a win-win outcome because of certain common negotiation mistakes and misconceptions. David presents an eight-step framework for negotiating win-win outcomes based on the "principled negotiation" approach developed at Harvard.

Assertiveness for Success

Does your company equip its people with technical and performance skills, yet neglect assertiveness skills? Studies have found that most people are not as assertive as they should be to succeed in their work. These people are not going to be effective negotiators or persuasive communicators, and are unlikely to advance beyond lower to middle management unless they develop assertive behaviors and skills. Give your valued people all the tools they need to succeed.


Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road? Lessons in Effective Communication

Nearly everything we do in life depends on communication. Yet few of us make the effort to improve our skills in the most important area of our entire human existence!

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Win-Win Negotiations: Developing the Mindset, Skills and Behaviours of Win-Win Negotiators

We all negotiate every day, yet few people ever learn how to negotiate. Those who do usually learn a win-lose approach that is only useful in a one-off negotiation where you will never see the other person again. However, such transactions are becoming increasingly rare, because most of us deal with the same people repeatedly – our spouses and children, our friends and colleagues, our customers and clients. In today's interdependent world of business partnerships and long-term relationships, a win-win outcome is fast becoming the only acceptable result.

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