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Effective Strategies For Handling Difficult People and Situations
(Two days)

Difficult people and situations are inevitable parts of our personal and professional lives. More often than not, it is not the subject matter that makes these situations difficult but the personalities, motives, and underlying feelings of the people involved. It is critical to the success of you and your organization to learn how to deal with these difficult people and situations.

Most people get emotional when they encounter difficult people, difficult situations, and conflict, or try to avoid them in the first place. These natural responses do not serve us well. Avoiding or appeasing only prolongs the problem, and responding emotionally only adds fuel to the fire. By understanding the nature of conflict, the dynamics of personality, and some simple yet specific strategies for handling difficult people and situations, you can turn these challenges to your advantage.

In this intensive two-day workshop participants will learn how to manage conflict in the workplace and in their personal lives. They will learn to recognize different types of difficult people and situations, and different approaches to conflict. Most importantly, participants will learn skills for handling difficult people and situations while maintaining and improving relationships.

Who should attend

This workshop is suitable for anyone, but is especially useful for managers, supervisors, team leaders, department heads, customer service staff, sales professionals, business development executives, educators, entrepreneurs, and technical and administrative staff.


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