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Public Workshop

Powerful Negotiating Skills and Techniques
(Two days)

Powerful negotiators know how to play the negotiating game. They understand that negotiation is a process, not just bargaining. The game begins as soon as they identify a need they cannot satisfy on their own. They know how and when to make offers and counteroffers, and they know how to use anchors to their advantage. They are also aware of the negotiation styles, strategies, and behaviors they – and their counterpart – can bring to the table.

A successful negotiation begins with preparation: gathering information, identifying interests and currencies of exchange, leveraging these currencies to create value, and creating options. It also requires an understanding of negotiating power and timing, and fluency in tactics and counter-tactics. Finally, successful negotiators must know how to guarantee they will not lose by developing a strong Plan B.

This practical and interactive two-day workshop was designed for people who must negotiate in a variety of settings. This program focuses on understanding negotiating power, behaviors, and tactics, and preparing for negotiation.

Who should attend

Managers, supervisors, lawyers, purchasing agents, executives, sales and marketing staff, customer service representatives, administrative and technical staff, government officials, and entrepreneurs can benefit from this negotiation skills program.


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