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The Leader As Storyteller™
(One day)

In his study of leadership, Harvard Professor Howard Gardner found that "the key to leadership ... is effective communication of a story." Telling stories is more than a folksy way to relate to others. It is a powerful and persuasive vehicle that top leaders use to get their message across with maximum impact and minimum resistance. Logic, reason, and data lead to conclusions; stories tap emotions and lead to action. Stories move people.

Today's most effective leaders know how to use various story templates to communicate their vision, win buy-in for their ideas, transmit values, and inspire their people.

An outstanding leader will use stories to
  • Tell who they are, building credibility and rapport with their listeners
  • Explain what their interests are, to disarm skeptics and build trust
  • Introduce their company and promote their brand
  • Communicate their vision, generating buy-in and inspiring others
  • Drive change
  • Give feedback, motivate, and change behavior, without giving advice or commands
  • Teach important lessons and communicate key personal and organizational values

This one-day workshop is designed to give leaders an appreciation for the power of stories and how to use stories for several important purposes. Leaders will have a chance to develop their own stories, as well as stories for their company/product/service. Participants will leave with personal stories to tell so they can begin moving people immediately.

Who should attend

Leaders, department heads, C-level officers, senior managers, sales managers, lawyers, government officials, entrepreneurs, professional speakers, trainers, educators, public relations and corporate communications officers.


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