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Public Workshop

Persuasive Business Presentations
(Two days)

The purpose of most business presentations is not merely to inform – it is to win support for your ideas, to get buy-in for your proposals, to sell, to persuade. This requires not just a few basic presentation skills, but a wide range of persuasion techniques drawn from the fields of psychology, behavioral economics, advertising, and other disciplines.

In this high-impact, two-day workshop, participants will learn how to size up an audience and develop a clear, powerful, and persuasive message. They will learn how to build rapport and connect with their audience. They will learn when and how to use Powerpoint, flip charts, props, and other media to move their audience to action. Finally, we will introduce a checklist to make certain that key elements are not overlooked and golden opportunities are not missed.

Participants will have the opportunity to deliver short presentations and hone their persuasion skills. While we will pay some attention to delivery style and how to manage adverse conditions, we will emphasize various techniques of conveying key points powerfully and persuasively.

Note: This is not a typical presentation skills course. The focus is on substance and persuasiveness. We will not teach you how to articulate, breathe or speak the Queen's English in two days. We will debunk a lot of conventional "wisdom" about business presentations and make you a much more compelling and persuasive presenter.

Who should attend

Managers, supervisors, department heads, sales professionals, team leaders, professional speakers and trainers, lawyers, government officials, public relations and corporate communications officers, entrepreneurs, consultants, educators, and others who wish to improve their speaking and presentation skills and be more persuasive.


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