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Assertiveness For Success In The Workplace: Developing Assertiveness Skills In Managers and Supervisors
(One day)

Are you really preparing your employees to succeed? They may be learning technical skills, managerial skills, even soft skills. But if they are not assertive, they will not advance beyond lower to middle management.

Assertiveness is a critical trait for supervisors, managers, and anyone with authority over others. Assertiveness is simply the ability to stand up for yourself without stepping on anyone else's toes. It is the ability to ask for what you want, to say "no" to protect your time and resources, and to deliver messages that might make others uncomfortable but nevertheless need to be said. Those who can assert themselves communicate more confidently and clearly, enjoy more fulfilling relationships with others, and are more effective at work.

Many people believe that assertiveness is a personality trait, and that those who have it will naturally get ahead in life. But people are not born assertive. Fortunately, anyone can learn to increase self-esteem, self-confidence, and develop an assertive personality that will bring success in the workplace—for themselves and their organization.

A practical and interactive workshop for anyone who has the technical skills for success on the job, but has not advanced because of inadequate skills in dealing with bosses, clients, vendors, colleagues, and even subordinates.

Who should attend

Managers, supervisors, purchasing agents, executives, sales and marketing staff, customer service representatives, administrative and technical staff, government officials, entrepreneurs, and anyone who deals with others.


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