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Testimonials for David Goldwich

“I think David has done a good job instilling confidence and a certain level of high esteem in me. He encourages participation from everyone which in turn reinforces my understanding of the points and principles which he intends to convey. Good work David!”
– Denis, Instrumentation Engineer

“David taught me a lot about assertiveness in this course through his presentations, practice, and the materials. These techniques will surely help me to be assertive in the workplace and in my personal life as well.”
– Willy, Process Engineer

“He is indeed a morale booster. Thanks!”
– Hoong, Engineer

“I learned a lot from David's teaching. I am shy and passive but he gives lots of encouragement. I really appreciate it.”
– Emilyn, Purchasing Specialist

“The role plays were essential and they helped me put into practice what I learned in this course. David was very positive and encouraging to all the participants.”
– Janice, Process Engineer

“The course helped me to enhance my self-esteem and provided guidelines to be more positive at work and at home. The tips are useful and easy to implement.”
– Nancy, Mechanical Engineer

“Very good atmosphere and interaction. Everybody participated actively in the role playing and communication exercises. The content provided systematical and broad information about the Sales Process and Selling Activities and there was something new as well for the Senior sales managers. The training material and exercises were customized to our business. My managers appreciated that.”
– Uwe, Country Manager

“Excellent course. Great delivery and trainer was concise and succinct during the presentation. High level key values that make an impact rather than minute details which would be forgotten or lost over time. Thanks, David!”

“It was a lively, interactive and quality session.”
– Hock Jin, Senior Network Engineer

“David is an excellent presenter and managed the time well.”
– Subramaniam, Operations

“Interesting trainer, able to capture the attention of the class and spice up the atmosphere for conducive learning.”
– Jeff, Engineer

“Enlightening course, made simple and easy to understand -- provided David is the trainer.”
– Hamid, Engineer

“David's explanation, in the form of stories, helped in driving in the points. It was excellent, and I highly appreciate it.”
– Surajit, Sales Manager

“David held the attention of the participants and promoted participation.”
– Wai Leng, Sales Manager

“David was truly concerned and gave all Q's its due time. Was a complete team player and motivated us along.”
– Ramachandran, Business Development Manager

“Thank you for your wonderful and powerful program.”
– Koichi, Area Manager, Tokyo

“David has excellent presentation skills, and he makes the workshop interesting. Keep up the good work!”

“'The Leader as Storyteller' is a strong reinforcement that to be an effective presenter you must connect and build resonance with your community. David's style in delivering the learning points is integrative and holistic. I would recommend others to this workshop if they have a strong desire to be an influential change agent.”
– Christine, Managing Director

“The course is fantastic. Looking forward to using the techniques and the ways to implement more effectively the storytelling techniques for leaders.”

“The workshop is excellent. David has shared with the participants many insights to connect with people.”
– Jason, Trader

“We all enjoyed the class. David, you really made the whole class feel at the ease and I found everyone so relaxed, responsive and interactive. Thank you for coaching us.”
– Mary, Tax Officer

“Whenever David tells a story to illustrate his points it captures attention and brings out the point well.”
– Tommy

“Thanks for the job well done. I'm pleased with the outcome. Looking forward to more opportunities to work together.”
– Grace, Global Process Improvement Specialist

“Our colleagues gave excellent feedback on the two talks given by David. They were inspired.”
– Michael, Assistant Director, Learning & Career Development

“Thank you for your excellent training to our team. Although it is a half day training, a very short course for such a complex skill-based subject, David was able to keep his audience with him through utilizing interesting case examples to demonstrate his key points. Personally, I took away more from this training than from another two-day training on negotiation skills I attended some years back. The audience left the session feeling they gained a great deal of knowledge that can be applied to their everyday business and personal lives.”
– Joyce Wong, Assistant Director, Admin/Rehabilitation Services

“David's coaching on negotiation skills has been transformational and beneficial for me. The session has given me an edge to negotiate confidently with our stakeholders to achieve a win-win situation. I wish I could have attended his course earlier.”
– Angela Chung, Senior Social Worker

“David was an encouraging and interesting speaker who could convey his messages clearly through illustrations from real life situations. He could explain the salient points of negotiation skills in a short period and gave the opportunity to the audience to use it in a group activity. I and the group enjoyed the session and learnt a novel skill to use it effectively in present life scenarios.”
– Ruchi Agarwal, Speech Therapist

“David is a versatile speaker who delivered the message in simple ways. The talk on negotiation was excellent. The negotiation approach and methods were comprehensive, practical yet it was interesting.”
– Sanjay Goswami, Speech Therapist

“David's workshop on Negotiating Skills is an enlightening and very relevant training for professionals and people from all walks of life alike. We need to negotiate and relate to people in our everyday lives whether we realize it or not. Hence it is important to be more aware and receptive to the underlying factors and fundamental skills related to negotiating effectively.”
– Sunita Suri, Occupational Therapist

“David did an excellent job in presenting what can be a complex subject in a very simple and informative way.”
– Mike, Sales Manager

“David knew the methodology well and kept us entertained throughout the course! More vital topics were captured. Loved the session!”
– Razeena, Customer Service Manager

“David is very smart and experienced, good sense of humor, handled the class very well in timing, cheering up the audience. I would like to bring ideas from this program to share with our partners in Vietnam. Lots of fun, no dead time.”
– Alice, Sales Manager

“David is a powerful speaker and the course is beneficial even in daily life, not just at work.”
– Janice

“The trainer's delivery is very effective and lively -- one of the most entertaining trainers I've seen.”
– Charles

“David is clear in his objectives and explanations. I thoroughly enjoyed his training and found it very useful for my future presentations.”

– Ramlah Johar, Citibank

“David is very clear in conveying his ideas. I am able to understand him and benefit from the course. David is definitely one of the best trainers around. I am very impressed.”

– Lee, Project Engineer

“David is a consultant who really knows his stuff. His ability to relate to individual needs impresses me. I will definitely recommend him to my company's human resource manager.”

– Yip, Engineer

“I found David to be extremely confident, patient, and knowledgeable. I learned many things from this course which will be useful for me in my everyday dealings.”

– Vijay, Quality Professional

David Goldwich has personally conducted training for the following companies:

AETOS Security
Allianz Insurance
American Express
Amtek Engineering
Bank Muamalat
BC Petrochemicals
BHP Billiton
Carl Zeiss
Changi Airport Group
Cold Storage
CP Kelco 
Deutsche Bank
Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore
Kerry Ingredients
Khazanah Nasional

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