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Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?
Lessons in Effective Communication

Master the Secrets of the World’s Most Effective Communicators!

Nearly everything we do in life depends on communication. Yet few of us make the effort to improve our skills in the most important area of our entire human existence!

This easy to read book is crammed full of useful information. Humorous and entertaining, it is packed with practical lessons for building powerful communications skills.

This book will help you ...

Increase your credibility and confidence
Create a powerful first impression, every time
Build rapport with anyone
Master the art of small talk and flirting
Become a high-powered business and social networker
Overcome stage fright
Give professional, high-impact presentations

You will also learn ...

How to ask for whatever you want in life in five easy steps
Ten ways to say “no” without offending anyone
A powerful three-step formula for asserting yourself in any situation
How to decode nonverbal signals and use them to your advantage
How to write persuasive reports and proposals
... and much more!


The Chicken Parable
Introduction: Fundamental Principles of Communication
1. Perception: The Foundation of Communication
2. Credibility and Confidence: Believing in Yourself, and Getting Others to Believe in You
3. Listening: The Neglected Skill
4. Asking Questions: Working the Information Gold Mine
5. Choosing Your Words: The Difference Between the Lightning Bug and the Lightning
6. Small Talk and Flirting: The Art of Everyday Conversation
7. Meeting People and Networking: Connecting for Fun and Profit
8. Nonverbal Communication: Because Actions Speak Louder Than Words
9. Assertiveness: Standing up for Yourself Without Stepping on Anyone Else’s Toes
10. Feedback: Compliments, Strokes, and Constructive Criticism
11. Written Communication: Proposals, Reports, and Email
12. Presentations: How to Really Put on a Show

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Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road? Lessons in Effective Communication

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Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road is loaded with practical advice and techniques for anyone looking to raise their communication skills to the next level. Goldwich’s style is light, humorous, and conversational, with plenty of amusing stories and anecdotes. Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road can help you communicate better in social as well as business situations, so everyone can learn something new from this entertaining book.”

– Kathi Kapell, Senior Medical Editor, Chicago

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